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Few kpop stuffs I got last July.

Hands Up Special Version.. It’s just beautiful. Worth the money. 

Miss A Class A. It comes with a nice poster.

Dream High Concert DVD

CN Blue Minhyuk and FT Island Minhwan Socks. So nice. I don’t wear them cause I don’t want to do any damage. HAHA. 

SNSD, SHINee, SUJU stickers.  Prolly, donate it for the ‘Give Away’ thing. 

JYP plays as Yang Jin Man on Dream High. LOL. It’s like reprensenting the three founders of the  largest Entertainment companies n Korea. Yang for YGE’s Yang Hyun Seok . Jin for JYPE’s Park Jin Young. Man for SME’s Lee Soo Man.


LOL what are you doing suzy


LOL what are you doing suzy

Guys, the ones asking where they can stream Dream High. I found a good one. LOL. dramacrazy. :D